TV King

So iTunes put another copy of an episode of the West Wing that I apparently bought at some point in my download queue today.  I'm currently watching it on my TV.  It is being streamed to my TV from my computer through the Apple TV.  I just have to take a minute to say how much I love this!  That and watching Netflix Instant.  I love the Apple TV.  

In fact the only thing I watch on regular TV is the news with an occasional episode of other TV here or there.  My TV either stays off or I'm watching Netflix.  Well except for Dancing with the Stars on Monday.  I admit to watching that. It's a little strange to have my TV viewing habits change so drastically.  I'm not sure how I will find new programming, but I think I will.  I've been catching up with Buffy the Vampire Slayer that for some reason I missed the first time around.  I think that as long as interesting shows are on Netflix Instant I will have plenty to watch.

But this got me to thinking.  What is my favorite TV show of all time?  I'm a big TV watcher (or I was... or I still am.... I'm kinda confused on this point).  Right away I was going to say The West Wing and I think that is a big contender.  I watched every single episode from start to finish and I even blogged about it.   I would love to have the whole series on DVD, but it is $200 and that isn't money I have floating around right now.  I'd also love to see it on Netflix Instant, but it isn't there.  I think it is a top contender, but there a few other shows that are up there namely Nero Wolfe and Star Trek: The Next Generation.  I own the Nero Wolfe series, but not ST:TNG. Nero Wolfe probably wouldn't win as my favorite although I certainly watch those DVDs a lot.  If it was between West Wing and ST:TNG I don't know who would win.  That's tough.

How about you out there in reader land. Do you have an all time favorite TV show?

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