I got new tires yesterday.  Man are tires expensive.  They tried to up sell me on rims, but I held steady because I was already shelling out $500 that I really didn't have.  But when I got home and really looked at the new tires it made me realize just how bad my other tires were.  I  have grooves on my tires now.  I'm lucky nothing happened on those bad tires.

And it may be my imagination but I think it is quieter in my car.  At least it felt that way on the drive home.  That's nice.  There are times when I really had to turn the iPod up to listen to my podcasts.  Usually when I spend that much money on something I'm very excited about my new toy (electronics, furniture, etc.).  Tires are kind of out of sight out of mind and they aren't exactly glamorous. I'm going to try to make a point of really noticing them and enjoy and be thankful that I have them.  

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