Today is the 50th anniversary of human space flight.  I'm a human space flight fan.  I have a stack of books on the Mercury and Apollo program.  Human space flight touches my soul and brings tears to my eyes on a regular basis.  

Today is the 30th anniversary of the first flight of the space shuttle.  My mom has a photograph framed and signed by the first two astronauts to fly on the space shuttle.  I'm proud to live in Space City USA and I was devastated at the loss of Challenger and Columbia.  

Today NASA awarded space shuttles to Washington DC, LA, New York and KSC.  Houston, home of Mission Control will not be receiving a shuttle.  I have no quibbles with Washington DC and KSC.  I am a realist and know that Houston isn't a tourist city and I know that Space Center Houston isn't the greatest showcase for JSC.  I know that there were perfectly legitimate reasons to not award the shuttle to Houston, but it makes me sad and a little bitter that there is a very real possibility that politics played a part.

I really hate politics.  I hate when people can't make fair decisions based on facts and evidence and instead base them on political gain.  On who you know and what have you done for me lately and the old boy network. I don't play politics at work.  I'm sure many people would say that is stupid, but I'm just not cut out for the game. Why is it so hard for people to leave politics out of it and just do their job in an honest and forthright way?

I know this is the equivalent of a little kid stomping their foot and saying life isn't fair.  Naive I know. Life isn't fair and we will go on, but it will always hurt me a little bit to think of the shuttles not being here.

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