Home Sweet Home

I went on the Downtown Houston home tour this weekend.  Last year this tour was filled with sighs, regrets, wishes and dreams.  I longed to live somewhere like downtown and knew that I would never be able to do it financially.  It was kind of sad to look at something I desired with no hope of attainment.

This year was a much different story.  What a difference a year and a move makes.  Now that I live in town, and in a part of town I love, my reaction to the tour was different.  I enjoyed looking at the places and while I would love to have a place of my own surrounded by the skyscrapers of downtown the pangs were much more muted.  It was nice to not leave with regrets.

As for buildings on tour I like the apartments at Commerce Towers.  Both last year and this year I felt the way the apartments were laid out with long halls, twists and turns to get to other rooms had such character.  The part of Downtown that Commerce Towers is located leads to some of the best views of skyscrapers.  I really like that building, BUT it always gives off a vibe of complete and utter snootiness.  The whole building screams go away and elitism.  And this is coming from someone w ho lives in River Oaks. I don't think it would be a very friendly place to live.

Bayou Place is a different story.  It is an older building and you can tell, not as much polish and money as Commerce Towers, but every apartment and resident just oozed friendliness.  Their apartments reflected a comfortable ease.  I think it would be a happy place to live.

The best building on the tour was the National Cash Register Building.  It was a private residence owned by two lawyers.  They spent years renovating and had to be their own contractors because they couldn't find people who would work downtown.  They did an amazing job.  Downstairs is their law office and upstairs their residence.  It is an incredibly beautiful space and up on the roof they are working on a garden which when finished will be a beautiful outdoor space with views of Minute Maid park.  I would be out there all the time.  Pictures to come of this beautiful residence.