Why Blog?

I've been thinking recently about why I keep this blog.  Don't worry, I know that sounds ominous but I'm not getting rid of my blog.  At least not now. But why do I blog?  

It has been a journal that has been with me a long time, and when it started it was the only way I had to share things going on with me.  I have to admit that Twitter and Facebook have changed the way I share my personal news.  That's a very hard admission for me to make.  People talk about the blog being dead and I hate that, but I have to admit that things change.  I do not react well to change.  It's not like I'm going to be blogging when I'm 70.  Or will I?  Why do I blog?  

All the cool kids are using Tumblr as a new more dynamic form of blog.  I'm not wild about Tumblr and probably won't move over there, but one day there might be a compelling alternative to the traditional blog and I'll have to make some decisions.  And that day I'll really have to know why I blog.