Final Check In

Tomorrow I turn 39.  Checklist 38 is over.  Let's see how we did.

1. Find a new hair salon - Decided to stay at Ulta.  I like my hair dresser and we are getting my hair back to a style that I love.

2. Go to the doctor for a check-up - Yeah, no.

3. Posting schedule at Assignment: Houston website - Poor neglected AH website.  I've focused more on the Flickr group and I'm ok with that.  For now the website is going to sit without a posting schedule.

4. Get fitted for a bra - Didn't do this one.  

5. Buy new bedding - Bought a new comforter set and even got pillows for all the shams.  Bought one new sheet set, but I don't like it very much.  I'm going to have to spend a little more money and do a little research to get some nice, cool soft sheets.

6. Hang curtains in the living room - Moot point with the blinds.

7. Hang artwork in the living room - Done

8. Netflix at least twice a month - With Netflix Instant I have no problem using my Netflix account to maximum value.

9. Send at least one card/postcard a month - This was such a lovely idea.  Too bad I didn't execute it.

10. Read 15 new books this year - Got at least to 9.  I have been re-reading lately (the habit I want to break) or just not reading at all.  But 9 is way more than I did the year before.