The British Isles

I found the first video over at Busy Mom and I love it.  The guy talks very fast, but I learned so much I didn't know before about England, Great Britain and the Monarchy.  

I'm awash in monarchy fever since I woke up at 4 a.m. yesterday to watch the wedding.  Yes, I am one of those. When I was nine years old my mom woke me up to watch the wedding of Charles and Diana.  I never forgot that and have been a fan of the pomp and pageantry of the royals ever since.  There was no way I was missing watching this wedding, but now that I have no DVR I had no choice but to get up early.   I am so happy for them and they seem so much in love.  You could see it in the way they were glancing at each other.  Did you know Charles and Diana only met each other 13 times before they got married?  That's staggering.  William and Kate have been dating for 9 years and have already been living together.  I think they'll make it.  I really hope so.  You can check out wedding highlights in the second video.


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