Well I am on summer vacation now.  Woot!  Two months ahead of me of free time.  What I need to do now  is setting up some kind of structure to my day.  I actually have more problems mentally on long extended vacations.  I do not want this vacation to descend into me aimlessly clicking the computer for hours on end.  I already do this and it is a very bad habit.  I need a structure, a game plan, an outline for my day.

I know I want the day to start with a bike ride.  I know somewhere in there I should cook a meal since I have the time.  I should read books and listen to music instead of wandering around the internet.  I should do.... other stuff.  See the list I have so far is not enough to fill my day.  I know people will say to not plan out everything and the point of a vacation is to relax, but I know myself.  If I don't have a purpose to my day then I'll do absolutely nothing for days on end and I will regret it in the end.  I would rather be active and doing things than sitting around being a lump.  It's just the things I should be doing that are still elusive.

Who knew vacation took such planning.