One Year

One year ago today I got the keys to my new apartment.  It has been an interesting year to say the least.  Mostly I had to let go of my silly dreams and naiveté.  I truly thought moving here was going completely change my life.  It has had an impact on my life and my life is definitely better, but I was unrealistic about the changes the move would bring and I think that was part of the problem I had moving in.

I joke with people that I thought once I moved in I would drop 100 lbs, suddenly gain a circle of fabulous friends and a wealthy doctor would walk by one day and sweep me up in his arms and I'd live happily ever after.  I joke about it.  And it is mostly jokes, but there was a part of me that believed that my life would change that much.  That my life would be like the part of a Hollywood movie that is the music montage.  Life would be different.  In fact last year I thought ahead to this very blog post.  The one where I would write about the fact that I had been here a year.  I was already pre-writing it.  The words fabulous, happy, amazing, best thing ever, etc. were floating through my head. The idea of the move was warped in my head.

When people ask me if I like the new location or if I like my new apartment I hesitate.  Not because I don't but because I have to let go of the feelings I thought I would have.  Life still goes on and life is still lonely and hard and the location doesn't really change that.  

But there is no doubt that life is better here.  The location is amazing.  I don't think there is a better location in Houston.  I am central to everything.  10 minutes from downtown, 15 minutes from the Heights and from the Galleria, 10 minutes from the museums.  I actually talk to my neighbors.  I never did that in all the years of apartment living previously.  I feel safer here.  Scary stories have been popping up over the last year of my previous neighborhood and I am grateful every time I read them that I am no longer there.  And I am changing, slowly, to that vision I had.  But instead of one year it may take five.

So I look forward to year 2 in my new place.  I guess it loses its "new" moniker today.  Now I just have to learn how to say River Oaks when people ask me where I live.  

P.S. The air conditioner is still too loud.

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