Going Back

I've gotten a lot figured out since I wrote this blog post 9 days ago.  I decided to to take over the Assignment Houston website.  I've decided to continue my photographs on Photine.  There will be occasional cross over between the two.  And the final decision I made  yesterday somewhere between Austin and Dripping Springs where I was going for a wedding.  I decided to make laanba the name that ties them all together.  

When I first chose photine as a name and in the time since  I have struggled with branding.  As I mentioned before I didn't really like the name.  It is ok but as an identity it is not my favorite.  But for some reason I felt like everything had to be matching.  So I slowly transitioned everything over mentally.  But now I hope to develop two strong brands (well strong for me) and I want them associated with me.  And I am and have always been laanba.  At least in my mind.  So I'm going back.  Assignment Houston is a website written by laanba.  Photine is a website by laanba.  Flickr photos are posted by laanba.  This personal blog is by laanba.  It feels good and it is right.  Now to get everyone used to the name.

I used this name when I first started, but in case you are new, it is the first two letters of my first name, first two letters of my middle name and first two letters of my last name.  It truly is me.

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