Weekend Wedding

Yesterday I went to Austin and then Dripping Springs for the wedding of one of my colleagues.  I have been trying to remember for weeks when the last time was that I went to a wedding because I had no clue what to wear.

I am not a clothes horse by any means and have been in a schlumpy phase the last, oh, 39 years.  Every once in a while I find something I like and then I tell myself I'm going to shop for better clothes, but honestly I would rather spend my money on electronics or camera stuff.  But nothing I had seemed right for this wedding so out to the stores I went and I found this at Dillard's.  I had to text a friend because I seriously didn't know if I should wear something all hot pink (it's hot pink... the photo doesn't do its hot pinkness justice).  She assured me I could and I decided what the hell.  I'm about to be 40.  I want to start acting like a 40 year old and wear more bold things.  Of course I love it, loved wearing it and am now in one of those "I'm going to spend some money on clothes" phases.  We'll see.  Some money will be better than what I spend now which is practically nothing.

wedding wear

The wedding was lovely and the bride was beautiful and so happy.  The wedding was in Dripping Springs in the Texas Hill Country, perched on the top of a hill.  The reception was at a banquet facility within view of the church on a little higher hill.  It was called the Terrace Club and the terrace/balcony overlooked the rolling countryside.  It was quite lovely.  But what really made it a special place was when evening approached and guests watched the sun set behind the hills.  Really fabulous.  This was one of many moments I was kicking myself for not bringing my regular camera.

wedding sunset

And because I love photos of the details of weddings (homes, businesses, etc.)
wedding decorations

And finally a shout out to my lovely friends who let me stay at their house even though they were going out of town for the evening.  I got to pretend to be a homeowner for about 12 hours.  It was nice but that's because they have a lovely house whose floor plan is just about perfect.

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