Panama Skyline

Hey, did I mention that I'm going to Panama?  Well, I am.  Today.  This trip has a completely different feel than the other one.  The other one was full of weight and meaning and significance as I met my family for the first time in 35 years and visited the country of my birth.  This time I feel like I'm just going on a vacation.  Albeit a vacation in another country, but a vacation nonetheless.  I'm glad for that.

I'm hoping that is the reason that packing has felt so much easier.  Last time I went in the middle of the school year.  I was stressed because of that and because of the nature of the trip.  None of that is with me now.  It's nice.  I just hope I'm not forgetting something in all this la dee dah packing I'm doing.

I did not blog my trip last time, not like I did my Chicago trip.  I actually wrote everything down in notebooks with the intention of blogging them, but when I got back I felt like I had written down everything already.  I want to blog this trip, but I'm not sure how I'll do it.  I may just do some bullet points or I may feel like I have more time to write when I get back since I am on summer vacation.  Or I may do a voice recording.  Who knows.  But you can follow along while I'm there on Flickr, Twitter and here.  

Day 1

My Music Teacher