Day 1

I'm here. It was a long day of travel further aggravated by a one hour delay in take off once we were already boarded, a crew in Panama that stopped the plane in the wrong place so the jetway couldn't reach and everybody had to sit back down so they could move the plane, and an extremely slow luggage crew which caused several long minutes (like 10) of anxiety wondering whether my luggage was lost.

The bonus was flying in at night. I knew that I was getting there at 7:15 but 7:15 in Houston is still very bright 7:15 in Panama is night. I got to see the city from above as the plane flew over the canal and along the coast of the city to the airport. So today's fun fact. Panama gets 12 hours of daylight year round. It only fluctuates by 30 minutes or so. Living near the equator creates a measure of consistency.

Panama is an easy place to visit as a traveler. They use the US dollar so there is no need to change currency and the prices seem to be stuck in the 1980s. They use the same electrical current so no adaptors. Many of the signs are written in English and Spanish because of the influence of the US building the canal. And thanks to daylight saving time in Texas I didn't even have to adjust my watch.

Today I'm going mola shopping (molas for everyone!) and then there is a family party tonight.

Day 2