Day 2

I feel good today. I got a much better nights sleep than I did the night before. My hotel window faces the outside of the building and a corrugated metal roof. The first night it rained in the middle of the night. In my fitful sleep I had no idea what the racket was that kept going on and on. Once I figured it out I slept better but last night was much, much better.

Yesterday was a low key day. I didn't get out into the city until about 10 am (see there is this thing that I call Panamanian time which is only loosely related to real time). The day was mostly spent running errands.

My dad tried to pay a bill but the office moved then we were looking for another office (I'll come back to this one) and it took several stops to find it. Then we went to a market so I could look for some molas. I found some nice ones for only $6 which is good because I have a long gift list. I have spent more on stuff for other people than for me but that is ok. My gift is being here. Then we went to lunch at the Roma Plaza hotel buffet. Then it was off to buy my cousin a birthday gift. After that I went back to the hotel for a few hours before the family gathering that evening. While running all those errands we drove all around the city into amazing traffic snarls and through all kinds of neighborhoods. I spent a lot of time staring out the window.

I said last time and I'll say again that the family that comes with my dad is the best part about him. I didn't realize how nervous I was last time I met them until last night when I was eating and actually tasting the food. Last night was mostly watching this exuberant family talk in Spanish but I had a nice conversation with a few if them.

My cousin whose birthday we were celebrating spent all day teaching her three year old how to answer the question "what is your name" in English so that she could answer me when I asked. Of course she got stage fright and refused to do it. I also had a long talk with my oldest brother. He put together more of the missing puzzle pieces for me about my dad. We are very alike. He loves history, art, culture and music (hey that's me) and he is very emotional and almost teared up talking about how he always wanted to know where I was and how he tried to contact me (hey I am emotional too!) Overall it was a pleasant evening.

Remember that office I mentioned? It was for a panama canal transit tour. That's what I am doing today. So excited. Gotta run!

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