Reminders of how I am

First off I am amazed that I have been writing these long updates considering I am using my iPhone. When I get back I should have a check for some extra duties that I did this school year and I am going to use it to get an iPad. Finally.

Today was simultaneously fabulous and frustrating. Let me address frustrating tonight and recap the rest tomorrow. I got back to the hotel this afternoon around 3:30 and I have been here ever since. That is frustrating.

I am very grateful to my dad for paying for the airplane ticket and hotel and for taking me places and for my cousin schlepping me around when he can. But this is different than the other trip. It isn't as monumental so people aren't taking as much time off from their jobs and rightfully so. That isn't what is frustrating.

I have realized this evening that I like to be in control (I actually knew this just reinforces it) and the last two trips I have had very little control over things. I didn't plan things this time because every moment was planned for me last time. Plans were solid for the first few days but there are looming gaps on Monday and Tuesday and this evenings hotel exile makes me feel like precious vacation moments are passing me by and there is nothing I can do about it.

I know it will come together but I also know that next time I am going to take more of a hand in matters. I wont turn down free airline tickets but I am going to make my own hotel reservation and I am going to sketch out my own agenda. Not that I won't go with what the family has planned but right now I have no plans and no suggestions. No control. It will cost me more but it will be worth it.

Another thing that has been reinforced is how much I like to travel. I want to use every moment to experience the places I visit. I am rededicating myself to saving money for travel. Plans are in the works to visit a cousin in Orlando for Spring Break and I want to take another trip somewhere in the US next summer. I wish I could do even more than that. So Boston, Seattle or San Francisco?

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