Day 7

Travel day.  I woke up with my head in a fog.  I wasn't sure if it was allergy related or just exhaustion.  I never sleep well anyway and I definitely did not sleep well in the hotel because there was a service walkway past my room where workers made a lot of noise.  I packed up and my brother picked me up at 10 a.m..

Before we left the city we stopped by the high school that my dad, three of my brothers and my nephew all went to.  I asked but didn't really get an answer to how high schools are assigned.  I don't think all of those people lived in the same area over three generations so I have a feeling there is another way to get into a school.  It is a massive and beautiful building.  Students here take those crazy, scary, wonderful diablo rojos to get to school.  There are no school buses like we think of in the United States.  

Then we were on the way to the airport but he took the scenic route.  I passed through Panama Viejo one more time, through lots of neighborhoods and even by the Roberto Duran gym and the soccer stadium.  Then we were at the airport and thankfully he agreed to just drop me off.  Long goodbyes and standing around waiting to say goodbye is excruciating.  

I apparently can't tell time because I thought my flight was at 1:05 and it was at 1:50 so I was there in plenty of time.  I checked in, went through security and then wandered the airport looking at the shops.  They are expanding the airport and they have even built a whole new American style food court since the last time I was there.  I was feeling very foggy so I stopped there and got something to eat.  By this point I had given up on this trip being about authentic food  so I ate at Carl Jr.'s.  We don't have one in Houston so this was my first time (tastes like Burger King).

Then on the plane towards home.  I am not a good flyer, especially international flights.  When I'm flying I think about plane crashes and what it would be like and how it would feel.  I have to sit by the window to look out otherwise I'm very aware that I am in a flying metal tube.  In the US I feel more secure on Southwest Airlines, but they do not fly to Panama.  My stomach also gets very gurgly and upset during a travel day.

Wheels on the ground.  Yes!  I came through customs and security. And.... no one was there to meet me. My aunt got the days confused and thought I was coming in the next day.  So I waited (it was the theme of the trip.)  But now I'm home and today is a recovery day.  I still feel groggy and I know I could use some more sleep.  I foresee a nap in my immediate future.

Thanks for reading my travelogue.  I'm glad that I wrote it out instead of it sitting in notebooks like my last trip to Panama.  Now time to work on the photos!

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