Warning: This post contains TMI or too much personal bodily information. You have been warned.

Well there is no more denying it. I have the travelers revenge. I was fine on the trip but very tired when I got back. I ordered a pizza Thursday night and about an hour after that it hit. Not just diarrhea but horrible stomach cramps. It was not a fun night. Friday was mostly spent in a haze although mercifully the cramps did not return. Yesterday when I woke up I felt better but I think I over extended myself by running errands and I did not drink nearly enough to replenish as I should. On the plus side I've lost a few pounds.

So here I am two and a half days in and reading the internet which says three to five days. I can't handle this for five days. I'm tired of eating toast and bananas. If I had purposely chosen to be lazy that would be one thing but this is interfering with going out and enjoying 4th of July activities. Hamburgers and Hot Dogs! Not that I really have anywhere to go other than Dock Dogs at Discovery Green but it is the principle of the matter. Right now I am letting things run their course but I am getting closer to the point where I say screw it and take some Pepto Bismal.

I hate being sick.


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