Cheater, Cheater

Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater.  Yes this is me.  I have known this for a while, but it is now time to admit it.  I want to know how a story ends.  I cheat and flip to the back of the book.  I've been doing this forever.  

I remember back in my college, Danielle Steele days (come on everyone has their trashy romance days) I would flip to the back of the book to see which guy I should root for.  I mean she would go through about three or four guys in the book, but I always wanted to just root for the one in the end.  So I'd look at the end first.

I can go back even further than that.  Return of the Jedi.  A few days before it was released in theaters I found an illustrated comic book in a convenience store.  I'm guessing that the clerk just stocked the shelves instead of checking what date the thing was actually supposed to be on the shelves.  So I flipped through it even though I am a huge Star Wars fan and was highly anticipating the movie.  I saw the ending where Vader turned to the good side and saved Luke.  So none of this was a surprise to me in the movie theater.  

I was really bad with my recent foray into Buffy the Vampire.  I would get curious about certain characters and look up something about them on Wikipedia.  But I didn't stop once I found the answer, but I would keep skimming.  My eye and brain have a remarkable ability to zero in quickly on the one spoiler sentence that I probably shouldn't know.  And then I figure I already ruined it, go ahead and read it.  So I knew a lot about Spike and how his story would carry through before thins got hot and heavy with him and Buffy.

I blogged about how I looked at the end of Harry Potter book 7 in the parking lot of the bookstore at midnight.  

And now with my Kindle.  Except I have a little bit of a problem.  I can't flip to the back as easily on the Kindle as I could with a book.  I also can't flip back to something I already read which is a problem if I want to reference something.  In  a way this is good for me because it is kind of forcing me to keep moving forward without peeking.  Well, this would almost be true except I still have access to the internet and Wikipedia.

I did it again with the book I'm reading right now, Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson.  I was looking at tweets about it and ended up at a blog post review.  The review wasn't very spoilery except it did mention there would be crying at the end of the book and I started wondering who died.  So I looked up my favorite character and did a quick scan.  And yep, he dies.  And now I wish I didn't know that.  I usually always wish I didn't look at the things after I've looked at them.  

Frankly I do this with life and relationships too.  I definitely have to stop trying to look so far ahead and just read the page that I am on.

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