Things to Ponder

My downstairs neighbor has moved out (boo!) and I got a chance to peek in the apartment while the maintenance man was working on it.  Now I have something to ponder.  I can call the apartment office and be put on a list to get into that apartment next.  But should I?

The pros are that it is downstairs so I will escape the air conditioner sounds on my roof (#1 reason).  Also since it is downstairs it is going to be more energy efficient since there will be something on top of me.  Downstairs is of course just easier than upstairs although I don't feel like this one really gets to be a reason.  We are at the end of the complex with little foot traffic except to get to the parking.  It has hardwood floors.  It has lovely landscaping out in front and right now with the banana trees going it makes the whole window a beautiful green screen.  It makes the apartment feel like it is a cozy place tucked away in a garden.  Other than the apartments with patios which have very long waiting lists and are out of the equation, the unit is the one I would pick if I could have any unit in the complex.

Cons for leaving my current place.  I have beautiful light in the upstairs apartment.  It is very bright and airy all the time and I love that.  I would be able to open my blinds in the downstairs apartment much more often because of the shading the plants provide (that's a pro.... up here they stay tightly shut to keep the heat/cold out) but the strength of the light just won't be the same.  It will be a darker apartment behind the plants and carport.  No balcony or seating area on the bottom floor, not that I used the balcony much last year because of my neighbor who liked to leave his cigarette butts in a bowl outside.  New neighbor upstairs who also smokes thankfully has more consideration so I may actually get to use the balcony this fall.  The balcony is also nice for package deliveries because nobody can see anything on the stairs or balcony from the street.   I have a nice view of the sunrise and sunset here and off in the corner nobody really sees in to my space for long.  I may have problems getting reception for my TV antenna downstairs. Moving sucks.  It is expensive because even to move downstairs I need to hire movers and I need to pack everything.  I've done the "move to another unit in the apartment thing" and I learned my lesson.  It is way too hard to try to move everything yourself.  Movers are worth it, but they cost money.  Also let me repeat that moving and packing sucks.

So I don't know.  I have time to figure it out because the person below hasn't even moved in.  They could be on a six, twelve or even thirteen month lease so I have time to decide.  I'm going to call the apartment complex in a few months to ask some questions about how it would work.  I'm seriously leaning towards doing it because I love this apartment complex, and I could see myself living here for a long time, but even after a year I can't get used to the air conditioner sounds.  I have to sleep with ear plugs and I hate that.  Honestly things are really balanced on either side.  I have to ponder.


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