Summer 2011

Well tonight puts a wrap on summer 2011.  Looking back it wasn't what I thought it would be, but it turned out nicely all the same.  When I return to work and people ask how my summr was I can describe it in two statements.  I went to Panama.  I was lazy.

Going back through my Panama photos has really reset the trip for me in my frame of mind.  I'm glad I blogged it and while I was blogging my feelings were fresh.  Looking back on it with a little time it was a wonderful trip and I saw some really beautiful places and had some wonderful experiences.  I love my little country.

As for the lazy, it is quite a surprise.  I really thought this summer, being all settled in the apartment, I would be out and about every day taking advantage of being in the city and close to all the cool things with loads of time on my hands.  The opposite happened.  Many times my brain said "meh.. you live 10 minutes from there... you can do it tomorrow."  I spent a lot of days doing absolutely nothing.  This was probably one of the laziest summers I have spent in ages, but I have no regrets.  It is what I needed.

And while on summer I sorted out some internet truths as well.  While I was dabbling with Google+ and 500px, two newbies on the social media scene, I realized how much I love my blog and my photoblog and my Flickr account.  While many are flocking to those two new places I am staying put in my old homes and it was reinforced to me this summer.  I have been blogging more (have you noticed) and hope to continue the trend.  I revamped and put the final pieces into place for my new spin on Assignment: Houston and for refreshing my laanba identity (first blogged here).  I feel good about the changes.  Not changes really, refinements.  And I even have a spiffy new home page at  

All in all it was a good summer.  I'm not going to lie though, I will be glad to get back to some structure.  I'm ready.  

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