Office Space

Office Space

It's been a good week back so far.  We are getting lots done.  

I made some changes in my office and one of them was using the bulletin board where I used to display 8x10 copies of my pictures and using it to display pictures of my students and notes and artwork that they gave me.  But I still wanted my photos up in the office somewhere and this is what I came up with.  The photos are 4x6 and now it makes this whole little area a more personal space about me.

Let's take a tour.  Out of the picture frame above this bulletin board is my diploma.  On the bulletin board we have:  a Panama banner that my uncle gave me last time I was in Panama, a Houston Its Worth It postcard with the outline of Houston, two of my favorite Far Side comics, an old school Apple sticker back when the company was called Apple Computer, pins pins and more pins because schools like to give teachers pins, a lei from a retirement party last year, the letter B that a student gave me last year, a poem about finding peace no matter where you are (something I need to remember at work), Cardinal Spirit Never Dies (my high school mascot with music symbols!), a picture of a young me, a B music note that was a gift from kids, a postcard featuring one of my photos and a wall hanging from my cousin.  Underneath that the 10 photos for this year.  Those photos were all taken sometime during the last school year.

I'm happy with the work space.  I think it is going to be nice to have the photos right next time me instead of across the office.  Hopefully those lovely images will help me find some of that peace I need in the undoubtedly crazy times that accompany every school year.

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