The Man and the Funeral

I went back to work last week, but it was on a schedule that I set.  I set what time I arrived, what I did during the day, when I had lunch and when I left.  But now that lovely luxury is over and I now answer to the man.  This week is staff development so I have one more week to get used to this before the kids arrive.  Hopefully I can get myself on a better sleep schedule.  I did not go to sleep once last week before midnight and ideally I should be asleep by 10 p.m.  

I also want to note that I lost one of my former students this weekend to cancer.  I got the call on Friday, she passed on Saturday and I was at the funeral last night.  That was fast!  She was so full of life and personality always with the biggest smile.  It is almost hard to be sad when I think about her because she makes me smile so much.  The funeral however was.... interesting.  

I got there two hours early because kids from the high school choir were being allowed to sing at that time and those kids are my kids as well.  After we heard them sing my assistant and I decided to stay for what we thought was a wake but was listed as a funeral (with a second funeral scheduled for tomorrow).  At 6 p.m. it started with a slideshow.  That lasted for an hour and 20 minutes.  I'm not kidding.  And then the service started.  It was all in Spanish and it is a church where there is a lot of standing and singing and thanking God and it was another hour before the first of eight listed speakers got to the podium.  Two speakers and then a choir sang another song.  We  heard that cars were blocked in the parking lot and my assistant confirmed there was no way we were getting out, but I tried again and found that some more people had left and that they were calling people to move cars as needed.  We left at that time and pulled out of the parking lot 5 hours after arriving.  I'd like to note that when we left the service was still going on.  I have a feeling it was going to go until 10 p.m. (4 hours!!!!).  Not what I expected at all.   

Ok.  Time to go get ready.  Have a good Monday everyone.

Dave Barry

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