New Year!

I should have been in bed an hour ago.  I suck at this go to bed early thing.  Let me just get a couple things that have been rattling around my head down and then I'm off to bed.  

These last two weeks at work have slowly helped me to sort out how and when I am going to handle my renewed interest in blogging.  I realize for sure that I have to process all photos for the upcoming week during the weekend before.  I don't have to write the posts all that weekend (I've done that before) but the photos do have to be processed and exported.  I just don't have the time to do it otherwise.  If I'm smart I'll set up the post the night before so my morning is free.  I'm also going to be going back to every day posting at least for a while.  I still have a lot of photos to get through.

As for Assignment: Houston posting I haven't figured that one out yet.  I need to find a time to write over there the way that I want to.  It has already fallen into the neglected pile as soon as I started work.  Those posts take more time and research and I'm just not sure where it is going to fit into my schedule, but I must make it fit somewhere.  As for this blog I've gotten way better at just dumping everything on the page and getting it posted.  The flow feels good here.

A couple of other things for the new school year.  I'm starting up the One Week challenges again and my 52 week photo project.  For the One Week challenge I try to change one habit for one week.  I'm not too worried about whether it carries over or not.  I just want to try a week with the habit.  This week I'm cutting sugar out as much as possible.  I mean cookies, candies, cake, sweets, ice cream.  All the things I adore. This one was partially spurred on by the fact that prednisone really does a doozy on you if you are eating too much sugar.  That is one seriously wacked out medicine.  As for the 52 weeks project, I am going to take a self portrait once a week.  My particular spin on it is that they will be mirror project photos so they will be reflections and all the photos for the project will be taken with my iPhone.  I'll post those here and at Flickr.

No big school year resolutions.  Just trying to get my life back into a routine.  Happily.  I love setting up routines.  I'm just not so good at following them.

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