More Change

More fallout from blog changes.  I've decided to take everything back to laanba.  I'm essentially returning to where I was 6 years ago which is amusing to me.   I left that behind in search, of who knows what.  Some grand idea of internet blogging rightness, but I have found that I was never 100% settled into that.  I am laanba and laanba is me and that is who I should be everywhere online.  To that end I've changed the URL here at the blog and am in the process of changing my photoblog over.  Most people wouldn't do such a thing because it breaks a million links and I will be breaking a million as well, but I don't have that large a readership as it is and I can live with some broken links.  My primary email address will be changing over as well.  I'm leaving photine behind.

Another thing that is nearing its end is Assignment: Houston.  I'm not saying this one 100% but the time is coming soon to close up shop over there.  I just started a photowalks group associated with it and I'm not sure if I'll continue the photowalks group or let that go away as well.  We are doing our first photowalk next weekend so that will help me decide.  Flickr participation has changed, group participation has changed (dropped) and the internet is constantly changing.  I want to keep a Houston group going somedays, but other days I don't want to be the one to have to run it.  It would be nice to be just a normal person with a camera in Houston instead of running something. Sometimes I want to spin Assignment: Houston off as its own blog, but then I'm not sure what the voice is or how to approach it.  I am very undecided about the future of that group and brand.  I've taken the website down for now.  I have assignments and photowalks scheduled through November. I feel like I need to have a voice and place for Houston photographers to assemble, but it may be something different than Assignment: Houston and it may not be on Flickr at all.  I'm not sure.

So more changes ahead. 

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