Poor to Poor

Because of a series of errors by my car loan bank I had to pay two car loans at once a few weeks ago. To say that I was seriously hurting for money that last week before payday was an understatement. It felt like a breath of fresh air when the money went into my account on Tuesday, but just like that I'm poor again.

Money is going to be my big focus this fall. Teaching myself to be frugal. I am not good in the frugal category by any means. In fact I'm terrible. My overall goal is to travel more and to travel I need money and to have travel money I need to watch my other spending.

I went on a little shopping spree today, but I don't regret most of my purchases. For the last week I've been without perfume so that was a must have purchase. I can't recall a time I've ever been without perfume. I usually have two or three kinds so to have zero and have to stay at zero for a week was disconcerting. I bought two necklaces at a Harwin shop and a book I need for a book club. I don't regret those purchases. I renewed my Barnes and Noble membership and I shouldn't have done that. And last week I got very lazy about cooking at home and grabbed take out almost every day. That money I do regret spending.

So I need to see how little I can spend in the next week and a half until the next pay check. I am going to make it a challenge to go from pay to check to pay check and see how much I can leave in. Food takes up a big chunk, but I should be able to clamp down otherwise.

Cross your fingers for me!

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