MP1: Medical Me

medical me

The return of the Mirror Project posts!  I just looked it up and I haven't posted regular mirror project entries here since 2008.  Wow!  I've been taking them and they have appeared on Flickr or my blog or even here randomly but as a regular feature they have been missing for almost three years.  Well we are back baby and I rebooted it to MP1.  I'm finding it harder to take mirror projects than I used to.  I'm hoping that once I do it for a few weeks I'll be back in the habit, because right now I just don't think about it.  And it should be so much easier because my iPhone is always with me and has so many neat photo apps.  

This was at my doctor's office this week.  I went for a check up with my asthma doctor after being so sick I had to take myself to the clinic.  Basically I checked out fine, but he did bring up that I might have to go back on allergy shots if I keep having flare ups.  I really don't want to do that so I'm going to try very hard to be good about taking my medicine. In fact I'll go do that right now.


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