My life is weird.  I keep saying that on Twitter and it is true.  I'm going to Panama.  In November.  Yes, a mere 5 months after my last visit.  When I was looking through my old Mirror Projects I found this entry about Molas. In it I talk about never having been to Panama as an adult.  If I had told that girl three years ago that I would go to Panama three times before the end of 2011 she would have thought I was crazy.  Of course she would be talking to herself so she might be a little crazy.

This time it is my aunt's trip.  She really wanted to go back and she even mentioned to me before I went in June that she wanted to go back and was talking about going in November.  I thought she was just talking like people do when they say they want to go somewhere.  But no she was serious and tonight the reservations were made.  

We are going to be staying outside of Panama City this time.  Our reservations are for the Gamboa Rainforest Resort.  The rainforest!  I saw pictures of this resort ages ago and I can't believe I'm actually going to be there.  They have hammocks on the balconies where you can lay and look out over the river and the trees.  This is going to be a much more laid back and nature filled trip and I am looking forward to it.  Actually that is not true.  My brain is still in shock at the idea of going so it hasn't quite processed yet.  But when it does I will be looking forward to it.

I worry about how I'm going to balance family visits when I won't be in the city. This will be a decidedly more touristy, American visitor type trip. But I think that my worry is an American and Laurie thing more than anything coming from my Panamanian family. Here is a video from the resort. Touristy focus to the max. It looks great!