When I was in Panama this summer the hotel I was in had a little problem with hot water.  There basically really wasn't any when I needed it.  It was frustrating, but I took it in stride since it was only a couple of days.  I remember the one time the hot water worked it was such a luxury.

Well that doesn't just happen in developing countries, but also here in the good old USA.  My apartment complex has been having hot water problems for weeks now.  There are boilers for the hot water for the complex, not individual tanks in each apartment.  Until a few weeks ago this was an awesome thing because this was the hottest hot water I have ever had anywhere and there was always plenty of it.  Scalding it was so hot.  

When the boiler dies your hot water goes with it and then you have to wait for the apartment to sort things out.  The apartment tried to repair it and I think they were even told by the repair guy that the unit was working it was just taking a long time to recover.  But no, it was in its last moments of life because it really gave it up last Friday.  This has been an ongoing problem and I can count on one hand the number of hot showers I've been able to take the last couple of weeks.

Today the unit was finally replaced.  I haven't taken a shower yet, but I am looking forward to it.  I've heard that it cost a gigantic boat load of money (the number $27,000 is being mentioned) but it is done and now we are hopefully back on track.  Appreciate your hot water people.  I will definitely be appreciating every hot shower I get to take for a long time to come.