Very proud of myself because I blogged every day this week at both this blog and my photo blog.  It's been a long time since that happened.  I doubt I can keep the every day thing up but I certainly hope I can keep the regular frequency up.

Visitors have dropped considerably at both places since I changed the name (more here than the photoblog which is picking back up), but that is to be expected.  I tried to notify my regulars and I just hope the others will find me.  It is taking me back to the days of blogging for myself because hardly anyone is reading it anyway.  The first days of blogging.  Not that I had a large readership anyway.  Both blogs are generalist type blogs and we live in an era of content specific blogs.  If I focused on one area with my photography or one area with my blog I could probably build a large readership.  But I like to be able to blather on about anything here and I like posting photos from Panama one week and Houston the next on my photoblog so they will remain as they are.

However in the back of my mind I still want to do something Houstson specific, either a blog or photoblog, but I just don't know what or how or if I'll have the time.  I think that one reason I was able to keep up with these two places this week is that it was only two places and since they are generalist and personal  I don't have to cater to a specific audience.  A Houston specific blog/photoblog would have to be more carefully crafted and I'm not sure I have the time.  But part of me still wants to do it so I am going to let it stew.  

MP2: In Praise of Hot Showers