Felt the all too familiar feeling of allergy problems settling in last night as I was cleaning the apartment and it dawned on me that I had hardly had any water.  For days.  I've had things to drink (a soda with dinner, a few sips of water, some juice) but straight up water?  No.  I go through periods where I get like this and I am only reminded when my body starts protesting.  I have made it a goal many times before to drink more water and even bought nifty water bottles.  I don't even know where two of them are (I think they are in my car).

It's weird when life gets busy like this and I let things go to hell.  As I mentioned last time there isn't really a good reason that I've let stuff go like this, but I just get in a rut of not going to the grocery store, not cleaning, not eating well. Hopefully I am back on track.  The refrigerator is re-stocked, my water bottle is full and I will be packing my lunch. Now if  I could just figure out why I let myself get off the rails and how I can keep myself here.

Smile and Walk Away

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