MP4: Lines

My weekends are so lazy.  I went out yesterday morning to a choir workshop (where I took this image) but otherwise I've done nothing but play on the computer, sleep and watch TV.  I need to find a way to stop being so incredibly lazy during the weekends.  Even now I should go grocery shopping or process photos and I don't feel like doing either so I'm not going to.  I'll go later.

On a mirror project note, I'll be glad when I don't have the white iPhone anymore.  It is a little jarring in photos.  And I haven't really figured out where to place the phone when I'm taking the picture.  I find myself putting it in front of my face which is weird, but I lose framing control when I move it to the side.  I literally just right this second discovered that I can take Hipstamatic photos in portrait orientation.  That may solve a lot of my problems.  We'll see next week.


Bed Time

Happy Birthday Jim