Good Riddance

Frankly, I'm glad to see September leave.  It seems that regardless of what steps I take September is always a bad month for me.  I always seem to get sick, work myself into the ground, wish I had another job, become a hermit, let my apartment go to hell and live in a fog.  

In September I never seem to be able to concentrate or get my act together no matter how hard I try.  This year I didn't make a conscious effort to outwit September as I have in years past.  I just was going about my every day business and September whacked me on the head with a bug and laid me out flat for more than a week.  And then I turn around and it is October!  I'm so glad to be in October and to have our first cool front of the year, but I remember last year spending the whole month of September waiting eagerly every day for the temperature to break and it never would.  I remember the approach of October. This year I felt like it snuck up on me and that is because September is an evil vixen who stole a whole month from me in the blink of an eye. The fact that I'm ranting about a month in a fairly incoherent blog post tells you the shape she has left me in.

Adios September.  I am glad to be rid of you for another 11 months.


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