Thank you Steve

I am going to finally upgrade my iPhone (from a 3GS) and tonight I decided to start researching cases.  I was jumping around various Apple websites trying to find out if the 4S and 4 specifications are the same when a headline in the right hand corner of one website caught my eye.  Steve Jobs Dead.

I'm not sure I can really put into words the impact that Steve Jobs has had on my life.  Technology has made my life better and has put me in touch with a world and people I would never have known otherwise.  Of course I would have bought a computer and connected to the internet in a non-Steve Jobs world, but I would not have done it with such ease and with such passion.

My first computer was the Macintosh Performa 6115CD (Power PC 601, 350MB hard drive).  It was a gift from my mother when I graduated from college.  We had talked ahead of time about what I was going to get and it was my job to pick out the computer that I wanted.  I don't remember looking at anything but an Apple, but I know I must have because I am such a big researcher.  I will fully admit that I watched the completely cheesy Performa infomercial more than once before making my decision although I'm not sure if it swayed me. 

I remember walking out of the Best Buy with that very large box.  I was living in Corpus Christi at the time and I remember that it was a cold, overcast day in December.  I remember my mom and I having a hard time putting the desk together (I bought my first electric screwdriver soon after).  I remember being giddy about the simplicity of the instructions.  

I was suddenly connected to the world.  Email, America Online, eWorld.  The shy me who always had problems connecting or talking with people was suddenly able to talk to people behind the safety of my computer screen (this still describes me).  That Performa was not a Steve Jobs computer, but I was hooked.  That was the beginning of my love affair with the internet and my love affair with Apple. Over the years my computers have been an iMac Graphite DV/SE, a Powerbook G4 12", and my current MacBook (I still have all three of these).  I've had a 3rd generation iPod, an iPod nano, an iPod shuffle, an Apple Airport, a Time Capsule, an original iPhone, an iPhone 3GS, an iPad 2, and soon an iPhone 4S.  

I am not shocked at his passing.  Shocked is an overused word in today's society. Steve had been in and out of the hospital, on medical leaves, and looking thinner by the year.  I had gotten so used to a unhealthy Steve Jobs that when I recently watched a documentary on Pixar I was surprised to see what a healthy Steve Jobs looked like.  Even though I knew this day would come it has come much more quickly than I wanted.  I hoped that Steve would have some time with his family after he stepped down as CEO in August, but in the end I guess this isn't a surprise.  Steve loved working, loved being at Apple and he did it almost until the day he died.

I will be sad about this for a very long time.  I am thankful that I got to live in a time in history with Steve Jobs.   I don't think we will see his like again for a long time.

Thank you Steve Jobs. 

In Memoriam

Good Riddance