In Memoriam

I've read a lot of tribute articles today on Steve Jobs.  As one article stated there are so many different directions and focuses that can be discussed from technology, to business, to music, to movies, to leadership.  On and on and on and Steve made an impact on them all.  But here are links to the seven that stood above the rest.  Memorable tributes all.

Daring Fireball: Universe Dented, Grass Underfoot
If you read only one link read this.  It is exquisitely beautiful.

All Things D: The Steve Jobs I Knew
This is a lovely post and the story about the park is going to go down in Steve Jobs lore. 

GigaOm: Josh, It's Steve Jobs.  We have a really big problem.
The tyrannical Steve Jobs is much discussed.  The one at the end of this story, not so much. 

Facebook: Steve Jobs Photo Booth
These photos were taken while Steve Jobs was testing out filters for the Photo Booth  program.  I am so glad they were saved.

YouTube: The Crazy Ones
This is the famous Crazy Ones ad from Apple, but this one is special because it is narrated by Steve Jobs himself.  It was never aired.  It is amazing to hear these words from the man who while talking about other people is really talking about himself. 

Stanford University: Commencement 2005
If you haven't watched (or preferably read) the commencement address from Stanford you must bookmark this and promise me you will find time to do it one day.  

The Onion: Last American Who Knew What the *@#* He Was Doing Dies
And to end on a light note.  This piece from The Onion. 

UPDATE: Adding this piece by the New York Times.  Heart wrenching.
New York Times: With Time Running Short, Steve Jobs Managed His Farewells