New Arrival


This almost seems impossible to believe, but I can't find a single reference on this blog to my purchase of the iPhone 3GS in June of 2009.  I know I bought it then because in early July I took a video with it and it had only been released a few weeks before.  I can't believe that I let such a major Apple moment pass me by without documenting it.

Well not this time.  I waited those two years and four months and my reward today was a nice shiny iPhone 4S.  There were many times when I wanted to break down and get the iPhone 4, but in the end I'm glad I waited.  The 3GS was a great phone, a workhorse.  The 4S is going to seem like a race car compared to it. The camera alone... I'm going from 3 megapixels to 8.  Everything about the new phone is sleeker.

This is the first time that I bought an Apple product and did not get the most expensive model i.e. the most storage space.  I stayed with the 32GB version which is what I had on my old phone. I think it will be fine since I don't take that many videos and if I need more room I can always pull stuff off.  It also makes me feel like if I did want to upgrade to the iPhone 5, whenever that may happen, that it would be ok since I didn't spend quite as much money on this one as I could have. I have been in a habit of skipping generations, but now I feel I don't have to. That sounds kind of silly for a $100 price difference but the mind is strange place.

I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get a phone on release day.  In the past you could reserve a phone for pick up in the Apple store, but this time it was only first come, first serve or pre-order and have it delivered.  I couldn't do that because I would have had to sign for it and I can't do that at work.  So I took my chances that somewhere I would be able to find a phone.  I went to an AT&T store near my work at about 6 in the evening.  My hope was that there wouldn't be as many Apple crazies on the east side of town.  This worked out.  I had to wait about 15 minutes before I was helped and the sales lady told me I got one of the last phones in the color and size I wanted.  Whew.  She said they sold hundreds of phones that day and had been sold out of the 16GB by 1 in the afternoon.  She also said that it was funny when people who did not follow Apple would come into the store to pay their bill or for something else and would be confronted with a packed sales floor and lines of people.

The case is from Case Mate.  The image is one of my photos, this one specifically.  I'm not big on cases and my old phone went almost half of its time with me without a case, but I thought I would give it a go this time.  I was impressed with Case Mate.  It was easy to upload and edit my photo to the case and it only took 6 days from the time I uploaded the photo to the time it was sitting in my mailbox.  It was only $35 to do so if I get tired of this one I can always do another one.

So here begins the iPhone 4S era.