A Panama Thanksgiving Day 1

Hello from the rainforest. The real honest to goodness rainforest. Why does traveling make you so tired when the majority of what you are doing is sitting? I don't know but it does. It may have something to do with the fact that I woke up at 4:40 so that we could leave at 5:15.

The trip down went very smoothly. No upgrades to first class but we we're able to upgrade to more leg room and it sure made the trip nicer. When we got to Panama there were no lines at immigration or for the luggage. We got it of there way faster than I did in June. My dad and cousin met us at the airport. A hop, skip and a 30 minute car ride later and we were at our hotel, the Gamboa Rainforest Resort.

The Rainforest

We dropped off our luggage and sat in The Monkey Bar (yes, The Monkey Bar) to chat and have some drinks and snacks. Then it was time for my family to go and my aunt and I went back to the room to settle in and rest before dinner. The light dropped quickly after sunset. I was standing on the balcony in the near dark when I noticed a flying, swooping thing. Then another. Bats. And that ended my standing on the balcony in the near dark. I also had a near collision with one on the way to dinner. Nature indeed.

I'm all unpacked and ready for tomorrow. Even though I loathe early mornings I want to get up to photograph the sunrise. Our day is going to consist of a trip to a native village and a trip to the hotel's orchid garden and butterfly house. The rest of the time I will be staring at the hills, looking at the greenery and listening to the rain.


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