So this whole writing posts while I am here thing isn't going to work. I have realized on this trip that I need silence to wriet in (I always mute the TV at home)and I am sharing a room with someone who always has to have TV on.

More and more of my life is spent in silence and I love that. Today I sat on the balcony for two hours reading and listening to the sounds of the birds and the thunder and the wind. Not exactly silence, but certainly not the sounds of a TV. I am made for the quiet life.

Anyway I am taking detailed notes each night that I will use to write up my blog posts when I get back. I took detailed notes by hand on my first trip to Panama and I never wrote the posts but this time I am typing them quickly in the iPad and I will us Siri when I get home to help me go even faster.

Time for bed. Today was a good day. Tomorrow Monkey Island.

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