I stumbled into some archives today from 2007.  What a trip down memory lane.  My blogging has changed a great deal since then.  I used to blog every day and I would have comments from actual readers and people that would post on their own blogs.  I miss those days.

I feel like I can't get my brain to focus long enough to write a blog entry.  That's a bad thing.  I briefly considered this weekend leaving this blog behind and just going for something on Tumblr where I just post links,etc. with no need to string words together but I couldn't bring myself to leave all my history here behind.  This site has a wide swath of my 30s documented on it and soon to be 40s.   I like blogging and I miss blogging.  I just have to get my brain settled down long enough to do it.

Never fear though because it is on my radar for my new year's resolutions.  More on that coming soon.

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