Photography 2012

In a way my photography has gone into the same hiberation that my personal life has.  I feel I have been going through the motions for some time now (more than a year).  Part of it is the fact that I myself have not been going out and part of it is feeling like I am treading over the same territory over and over again.

My photography resolutions aren't really going to shake up my whole routine, but I hope they will give me a little bit of a spark.

1.) 52 Week Mirror Project
I know that I have tried to start this up several times, but I really mean it this time. There is no reason for me not to take a reflected self portrait once a week other than sheer laziness.  When I think back on my last failed attempts I can remember how I felt withdrawn and didn't feel like extending myself.  That is a common thing I will be fighting with a lot of my resolutions.  I can take more than one a week, but I must take one a week even if it is me just going into my bathroom to take the shot.  I have even set up a Tumblr to collect the images together.

2.) Instagram Color Wheel
I have fought against the popularity of the photo app Instagram for a long time.  Frankly I don't get it.  But I had to admit to myself that I never really tried to be involved with the app and it is very popular for photo sharing.  So I'm taking another failed project from last year and moving it over there.  I am going to do my color wheel project on Instagram.  I will take at least one photo a week of that month's color and it will be posted to Instagram.  I am going through the colors on the wheel (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple) and then repeating to finish the year. Since it is with Instagram these will be iPhone only photos.  

3.) Everyday App
This one just came to me about a week ago but it feels right.  I am going to use the Everyday app to take a self portrait everyday.   I have for a long time struggled with my self image.  I don't like looking at myself and seeing myself in photos.  For a brief moment I tried to do a 52 weeks straight up self portrait project but it was cumbersome and difficult.  I know that the mirror project photos are self portraits but they feel different.   What I like about this project is that I don't have to do any major set up and there will be no photo editing.  Basically I just take the picture and forget about it.  After I have enough photos I will be able to make a time lapse of my face.  I haven't decided whether I will share that publicly or not.  Right now this one is just for me.

4.) Photowalk Twice a Month
 Photowalks are my main way to take photos but I have lost my way (told you it was a recurring theme).  The only time I seem to get the camera out is when I am at a festival or I go to a specific location for Assignment Houston.  I would go to the events or locations, get the photos and get out of there so I could get home.   It is time for me to start wandering with my camera again.  Twice a month I want to carve out time to take my camera and just walk.  I want to go to places with no agenda and that are not tied to assignments or events.  A true and leisrely photowalk. 

So those are my photo projects for 2012. I will be doing more with my photography than just these things, but these are the non-negotiables.  I will still be running Assignment Houston and taking photos for that, running my photoblog, going to festivals and events and working on projects.  I have ideas for a cemetery project, a city trees project and an artist model project.  I just wanted a few concrete things that get me to look around every day and capture what I see.  I'm excited to get started.  

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