Food & Drink 2012

My resolutions in this category are a continuation of what I have been slowly working towards the last few years.  Many of them will probably sound familiar if you are a regular reader of my blog.  

1.) Make a Weekly Meal Plan
I've been doing this on and off with some success over the years.  The hardest thing about making the plan is finding the time to sit down and actually do it.  I tend think about it right before I want to go to the grocery store and that is the wrong time.  That leads me to putting "bad for me but easy" dishes on the list or skipping it altogether which inevitabily leads to take out.  When I make the list I tend to stick to it a little better because I spent money on the items that are in my house waiting to be used.  It helps me to eat better and save money.  The Paprika App has been very helpful in this area and I want to make this a regular part of my routine.

2.) Vegetable Dish Once a Week
As readers know I am a big fan of Michael Pollan.  His book, In Defense of Food, is what started me thinking differently about how and what I was eating.  Pollan has a saying on that book that has become kind of his mantra: Eat Food.  Not Too Much.  Mostly Plants.  It's the "mostly plants" part that I have a hard time with.  I'm not a big fan of vegetables.   I like corn.  And mushrooms.  Umm.... sweet potatoes.  Er.....  well you get the idea (not much green there).  I know that people who eat a lot of vegetables are healthier people and I want to be one of those people that eats vegetables.  So I'm challenging myself to make a vegetable dish at least once a week.  And this means really preparing something, not copping out by fixing corn on the cob each week (mmm... though I do love corn on the cob).  My hope is that by the end of the year I know how to make a variety of vegetable dishes and that my taste for them grows.  I have armed myself with Tender from my favorite cookbook author Nigel Slater.  

3.) Bake Twice a Month
When I transferred all my recipes into Paprika earlier this year I was surprised to find that my largest category by a very big margin was desserts.  I collect dessert recipes more than I collect anything else yet I never make them.  Ever.  I love sweets and I have always admired those people that can bake and make these marvelous creations.  I want to be one of those people.  And it isn't like the recipes I'm saving are hard.  I'm too lazy and inept in the kitchen to save hard or difficult recipes. I  just don't do it.  I sit on my sofa and surf the internet and then when my sweets craving hits I eat junk.  Well no more.  I am going to learn to love my kitchen and I'm going to learn to make awesome things in there.  I am not going to cut sweets out of my diet but I want the majority of the sweet things I consume to be something that I have made myself (or special occasions at a restaurant).  No more mass market cookies or candy bars.  

4.) Drink More Water and Tea
The "drink more water" resolution has been in place for years.  I've made some progress in it, but not nearly as much as I should.  I still go weeks without drinking a good amount of water.  I know water helps with weightloss and organ function and just general well being.  I shouldn't go a whole day and realize I've had no water at all but I frequently do.  Although this resolution has been around for years I really feel like I will master it this year.  As for the tea I am talking about hot tea.  Drinking hot tea seems so civilized and elegant doesn't it?  Frequently when I take the time to drink tea I am more relaxed and it forces me to slow down.  It puts me in a different mind space, one that I need to visit more often.  So hot tea here I come.

 To make these resolutions successful I am going to have to break away from my current comfort zone of chair, TV and my computer addiction and make the kitchen feel just as comfortable.  A tall order. 

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