Personal Improvement 2012

Things that I want to work on to improve myself.

1.) Track Spending
This is the year where I am going to make a money breakthrough.  My car will be paid off by May if not sooner and then I can finally make a big dent in my credit card debt.  That will probably take about a year and a half, but I am so close to being free that I can taste it.  In the meantime I want to get my other areas of spending under control.  I had started using the Spend app again after a long hiatus and it helped me dig myself out of a hole I was in.  I unfortunately stopped after the Thanksgiving trip but I am ready to start again with a vengence.   

2.) Get Involved with a Charity
This one is pretty self explanatory.  I would like to use some of my time to do charity work.  Either raising money, items or volunteering my time.  There are lots of options in Houston and online.  In Houston I'm leaning towards the Houston Food Bank.  Online there are too many to name, but most of them are financial in nature and I'll be tracking my money closely so I'm not sure how viable that will be.  This one will take a little time to evolve, because I want to find the perfect organization that I can devote myself to for the long haul.

3.) Put Things Away
This may not sound like a personal improvement goal but it is.  I am terrible about putting things away I procrastiate and say that I'll get to something later.  I do it for one item, then another and before I know it the space is junky and feels cluttered.  If I would just take an extra 2 or 3 minutes right away to put stuff away or set a time each night to put everything away, life would be so much easier.  It would also make cleaning easier because I wouldn't have to be picking up AND cleaning and I could keep on top of it.  If I can get this one as a habit it will make a big improvement in my day to day life.

4.) Make the Thought Count
On my resolution checklist I had this listed as Cards, Thank Yous and Gifts.  I think of these things all the time.  "I should write her a card, I should send him a thank you, I should buy them this little thing to let them know that I'm thinking about them."  And invariably I put it off saying I'll get to it later and the perfect moment passes.  This happens all the time.  The other day I saw an interview with the author of a new book on this very subject.  John Kralik wrote about how his life improved by writing thank you cards.  He wrote them to everyone for any little thing.  Sounds like a good plan to me.  I found the following quote: "silent gratitude is of no use to anyone." 

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