Feel Good/Look Good 2012

1.) One Piece of Clothing Each Month
I'm not a fan of clothes shopping.  I harbor a suspicion that I would enjoy it more if I had money to do it.  I'm sure that I could be a bargain shopper to save a few dollars but nothing sounds more tedious than hitting up store after store after store.  But this attitude has led to a problem: a wardrobe that is low quality and is falling apart.  I know that I need to buy good pieces and over time slowly improve my wardrobe.  I've known this for a while but I've never made a dedicated effort until now.  I was tempted to make this two pieces a month, but that sounded difficult to the part of me that is working on money saving efforts.  If I can do more than one piece I will.  My shoes could do with some replacing too but let me see how this goes first.

2.) One Girlie Magazine Every Other Month
I know you are laughing, but I have a reason.  I'm a terrible girl.  I'm bad at make-up and fashion and design (and cooking and housekeeping and dating....).  I dress like a schlub (see previous post) and usually look barely passable (see next post).  I will admit that I'm not terribly interested in that stuff, but I'm tired of feeling so stodgy.  So I'm going to look through these magazines every once ina while.  Maybe it will give me an idea on accessories to buy or a new piece of clothing to buy or some new way to do my eyeshadow.  

3.) Look Best Each Time I Go Out
I'm sure you are sensing a theme now.  I don't spend a lot of time on my make-up or deciding what I'm going to wear each day.  It isn't that I don't want to look good but I get lazy in the morning and then I have to rush around  and do things in a hurry.  On the days that I take my time I feel better about myself and have more confidence.  Not that anyone could probably see a big change from fast rushing day to take my time day but I know it and I can tell a difference.  So I want to take my time each day.  Don't rush, wear nice clothes and be more of a girlie girl.  It will be a long work in progress.

4.) Walk/Ride Five Times a Week
This is the biggie.  This isn't about losing weight or necessarily even exercising in the way that people use that word.  It is about getting active, getting off the couch and going for a walk or a ride.  I'm not going to be setting any speed or endurance records.  I just want to be more active than I am now.  I've resisted walking for a long time because I always found it so mind numbingly boring.  I've been thinking lately though that it might not be so bad in my new neighborhood.  The hard part of this is finding the time to do it and then making sure I do it each day.   I know the benefits for how I will feel in the long run will be huge.  This is the hardest of my resolutions and I think the most important.  

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