Over the course of writing up my resolutions for the year it finally came to me that I actually have only one resolution.  It is the guiding force behind almost everything else that I plan on doing with my year.


That's it.  That's my resolution.  Everything that I have been unhappy about, every little step or idea that I've set up for the next year is aimed at this.  I have spent a lot of time the past year doing nothing.  Part of it is being lazy, part of it is being withdrawn.  This has to change.  No procrastinating, no putting things off until later, no allowing myself to get sucked into the timesink known as the internet and no hiding from myself and the world.


One thing that I will have to ask myself over and over will be "are you actually tired or are you just being scared or lazy."  Another thing that I saw  in an article was that it takes a force of incredible magnitude to move a human from their comfortable habits.  In other words I can't expect things to change unless I put in a supreme effort.  I have set myself many little steps along the way to help keep myself on track.  Each one of them is going to help me move towards my goal.  


Food & Drink

Personal Improvement

Feel Good/Look Good

Free Time

Cheers to a happy, healthy and positive 2012.

Black Eyed Pea Dip

Free Time 2012