Walking Discoveries

I went for a walk today (yay me!).  Also yesterday.  Two whole days (yay me!).  Three random thoughts from today.

1.) It must be funny to all those regular dog walkers and joggers and walkers to see the sudden glut of people that appear the first few weeks of January.  I've heard that the gyms get really crowded too with all the people working on their resolutions.  I wondered if people thought about that as I passed them.  And well why shouldn't they?  I *am* one of those people.

2.) I had to make eye contact with people while I was out walking and even small talk.  It's funny because I usually make that a resolution and did not this year.  And boom there it was and I had to do it.  

3.) Day 2 and I've already abandoned one of my resolutions.  Well abandoned isn't the right word.  Modified.  Sort of.  I wanted to take a photo and post it to Instagram, but I had already set it up in my mind that it was only going to be for the color wheel and the subject wasn't red.  But I did it anyway.  So now since I've broken that one I'm not sure what I'm going to do with Instagram.  I feel like it needs to have a little bit of a purpose otherwise I won't use it.  I'm going to let it shake out over the next week.  It could be photos from my walk or a photo a day or ... I don't know. 

This is definitely an area I am going to have to work on.  Perfection.  I start and restart projects all the time because they weren't perfect from the beginning.  That may seem mad, but it is who I am.  I need to accept the idea that many of these projects that I'm doing are going to evolve over time.  They aren't going to be perfect all the time.  I need to embrace the rough edges.  

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