Go Texans!

The Houston Texans won their very first play off game today 31-10 against the Bengals.  YES!!!

Football is my favorite sport to watch and my hometown Texans are obviously my favorite team.  I have been a fan from the very beginning.  I remember when they announced the name and mascot of the new team.  I was working late that day and brought a small black and white TV to my office just so I could watch the announcement.  When I left work that night I went straight to Academy Sports and bought my very first Texans T-shirt.  

I have watched almost every game since.  The number of games I have missed is probably in the single digits.  I've only been to a few games, but I enjoyed each one.  Tonight I feel good.  It feels sweet.  And I'm a little emotional.  It's been a long hard road, but I'm so proud of the team and of the city.  I'm proud to be a true fan.  I will be a loyal fan no matter what their record, but I am quite enjoying being in the playoffs (and winning!!).  

Bulls on Parade!!!!

#1 Go Texans