I bought a pedometer (a new gadget, yay!) I haven't really been walking like I want to but I bought one anyway.  I want to be able to track my walks (when I actually do them) and the popular Run Keeper app wasn't working for me.  It would track my walk sort of but it massively overinflated the distance I traveled.  I guess the GPS had a hard time tracking me.

I decided to instead track my steps with a pedometer.  The number that is all over the internet is that you are supposed to walk 10,000 steps a day.  Today was my first day with the pedometer and I clocked in 5910.  That is actually better than I thought it ws going to be.  I really thought it would be 2 or 3,000.  Being a music teacher helps since I am constantly on my feet.  And now I have a goal in front of me.  Get to 10,000.  I'm going to get there a little at a time.  Goal #1 is to get to 6,000 on a consistent basis.  That should be easy.  Or easier on weekedays that is.  

Walk, walk, walk.