Designs and Plans

I've done a design update on my photoblog and I'm quite happy with the results.  I haven't done a major design overhaul since I first started at Pixyblog in 2008.  It feels good to have a fresh look to my photos and I'm quite happy with the finished product.  Make sure to click around to see the appearing and disappearing photo information and take a peek at my new about page photo (well not new.. but new to the about page).

As for plans, hey guess what?  I'm going to Disney World!  And Harry Potter World!  And NASA World! Err... that last one may be known as Kennedy Space Center.  I booked my airplane ticket today to go see my cousin in Orlando during Spring Break.  It will be my first visit to Florida and my first time at a Disney property.  I'm not sure my inner child, who grew up on Disney, is going to be able to handle it.  Thirty-six days and counting!


January Resolution Check In