I've let musicals slide by me the past few years.  I've seen some, but not nearly as many as I used to.  It is a combination of lack of money, diverted attention and just not feeling it for some of the titles coming into town.  Well that won't be the case next year.  Theater Under the Stars and Broadway Across America have announced their season line ups for 2012-2013 and I can assure you that it will be a big musical year for me.

On Theater Under the Stars list I want to see:
Camelot - Never seen it but it is one of those classics that I want to check off. 

Flashdance - You just know this one is going to be all kinds of fun. 

Man of La Mancha - I saw a college production once but I want to see a full staged production. 

Spamalot - This show sits at the top of my all time favorites list in the Musical Comedy category (along with Will Rogers Follies).  I would never miss a chance to see it.



Broadway Across America's line up is just as fantastic:

Catch Me If You Can - I've heard some of the music.  It is (please pardon me) quite catchy and it should be a visually beautiful production.  

Sister Act - It is a story about a choir.  I think as a choir director I'm legally obligated to go.  

Jersey Boys - Saw it already and absolutely loved it.  I was on a high for days afterwards.


Wicked - This is an event any time it is in town.  It is an amazing production with great sets, effects and music.  If you haven't seen it you should next time you have the chance. This will be time #3 for me (pretty sure it's #3 and not #4.... I'm getting old!!).

Beauty and the Beast - I saw this once a very long time ago.  It was one of the first things I saw when I moved to Houston.  I sat in crappy seats way on the side of the mezzanine.  I was moved to tears and I have longed to see it again.  It was a stunningly beautiful production.  I am very happy it is coming back and I will definitely be in better seats this time (yes, I'm a seat snob). 

Les Miserables - My most favorite musical of all time.  I think this will be time #7.   I've heard they are doing a movie and I am wary, but I will never tire of seeing Les Mis live in person.  


I feel like I've been drifting and a little unlike myself without my musical fix every month or so.  So glad to be back.