Eight years ago today I started my very first blog.  I remember fussing over design and color and blog rolls and being so worried about what I was going to post and how it was going to sound and what people would think.  I was such a dork.

These days this blog is run for a lot of the same reasons it was in the early days.  It is my personal journal.  It is my personal space on the internet. Even in the heydey of blogging I was never a big name with lots of visitors, but it was never really about that.  It was about having a place to get these thoughts that bounce around (sometimes to my detriment) out of my head and down in written form.  Having a place where I can add my voice to the collective even if I am the only one listening to my voice.

So happy blogiversary to me.  I'm so glad I was brave enough to hit publish that very first time eight years ago today.