I feel crappy.  I'm 90% sure it is stress with a sprinkling of allergies thrown in.  We have Pre-UIL contest next week with our 7th/8th graders and a concert with our 6th graders.  In between there we have three days where we will not be in class because the school is in practice testing mode.  

It has greatly heightened my stress.  One of my choirs I see only one day this week before we sing at contest next week.  Sunday night I dreamed about rehearsing my choir and last night I woke up at 2 in the morning because my brain decided that would be a good time to think about how to maximize my remaining rehearsals and I couldn't convince it otherwise for almost an hour.  

My normal release of crying has been completely blocked.  I haven't been able to cry even when watching someone else cry (all us music people are stressed out right now) which normally sets me off immediately.  Of course I knew it was going to come at a bad time and I started crying yesterday at work in the middle of testing hoopla.  I got it under control and figured when I got home I was finally going to have a release.  But no.  I got home and nothing except complete exhaustion.

I've even gone so far as booking a massage.  As you know if you read this blog, I'm not very good at being girly and I've never had a professional massage before.  I'm not comfortable in those frou frou places and the whole thing is so foreign to me that I usually just avoid it.  But I am so stressed out I know I need help.  I'm not going until next Friday but hopefully it will help me start off my Spring Break right.  

In the meantime I need to do something to keep my head above water.  What do you do to help with stress?